Will there be a new Dead and Company album?

Bob Weir says he can see this current incarnation of the Grateful Dead — now known as Dead and Company, with John Mayer on guitar but without original bassist Phil Lesh — record an album.

Weir tells Rolling Stone, “We kick it around. We need to put in another tour — or two. And then what direction do we pursue with recording? Do we start from scratch, do all new material? Or do we go back after some of the tunes that were never recorded [by the Dead] in the studio? Or a combination of both — which is kind of where I would want to do it… I think this band could be better in the studio than the Dead’s history with studio recording. Some of the guys in the Dead were more comfortable than others with playing at a volume that works in the studio… This is a band that can go there. It will take a little shoehorn work, but I think we can get to that point. Then we can make some records.”

You can catch the Dead and Company this summer on tour. Below, are some west coast dates….

July 22 Moda Center – Portland, OR

July 23 The Gorge Amphitheatre George, WA

July 26 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre Irvine, CA,

July 27 Sleep Train Amphitheatre Chula Vista, CA

July 29 Toyota Amphitheatre Wheatland, CA

July 30 Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA