Don Henley on future of The Eagles

September 12, 2016

Don Henley tells the Montreal Gazette, “It’s been an adjustment trying to realize that the Eagles are no more” in light of Glenn Frey’s death in January. But he does hold out a glimmer of […]

The Future of the Eagles

May 16, 2016

Joe Walsh says the Eagles still can’t make sense of the death of Glenn Frey this past January. Joe Walsh on coming to grips with the death of Glenn Frey. While there has been no […]

Eagles’ Glenn Frey has died

January 19, 2016

Glenn Frey, a founding member of the Eagles, died Monday at age 67 due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. He leaves behind a wife and three children. A statement on […]