Sammy Hagar talks Chickenfoot, Van Halen and more

Sammy Hagar tells Billboard that he doesn’t have the time it would take for his side project, Chickenfoot, to record a new album, let alone a reunion with Van Halen.

“Van Halen would be twice the nightmare of the workload and the anxieties about getting along or being worried about being stabbed in the back again or something. I don’t want to put myself in that situation, that’s for sure.”

But wait. Hagar adds that “you never know,” and the one scenario he would entertain is going out with David Lee Roth, bassist Michael Anthony and the Van Halen brothers. “I would do that for the fans and give the money to food banks or something.”

Hagar adds that his May 25th-26th Top Rock Countdown radio show is called the Best of Both Worlds/The Ultimate VH Set List, which he says is “basically answering all those fans that want to see a reunion. If there ever were to be a reunion, you will hear what I think it should be!”

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