Dennis DeYoung is planning a new album

The original voice of Styx posts on Facebook that he’s already written more than 20 songs dealing with such topics as the current political and social climate to “observations on the inevitable passage of time, mortality, and what is ultimately important in this journey called life.” Four of the songs were written with another veteran Chicago rocker, Jim Peterik of Survivor and Ides of March.

Having turned 70 back in February, DeYoung admits, “At my age things are really coming into focus. What I have discovered… life’s still a mystery.” Dennis promises, “it won’t all be heavy serious stuff or I would have to offer free Xanax with every purchase, should anyone actually buy this thing.” He teases that there’s a tune about The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show as the British Invasion, and “a typical proggy thing in the style of Rubicon. I love that tune.”

Now, enjoy a few live performances…..