Care for a glass of Ozzy’s Solar Red Wine?

Ozzy Osbourne may have had his issues with alcohol, but that doesn’t mean he’s adverse to licensing his name and likeness to a line of wine.

In celebration his performance on August 21st at Moonstock in Carterville, Illinois during the total solar eclipse, Ozzy Osbourne’s Solar Red Wine is now available.

Described as a medium-bodied dry red wine made from a blend of high-quality Zinfandel and Syrah grapes, it contains fruity notes of fig, plum, cherry and cranberry jam combined with some earthy characteristics and a backbone of oak. It finishes with a slightly spicy black pepper taste and goes well with pork, roasted game, lamb, BBQ chicken and tomato-based pasta.

it sells for $50 a bottle or you can get the collector’s edition, which an autographed bottle housed in a coffin and with certificate of authenticity featuring a photo of Ozzy signing the labels.

Other artists who have produced or licensed their names for lines of wine include recovering addict Mick Fleetwood, John Lodge, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead and KISS, whose Gene Simmons is not a fan of alcohol and claims to have never gotten drunk, but he can make money from it.